It all started one fine day in January when I woke up and went online. I thought I fell in love with the Desert Storm variant of the Royal Enfield Classic-500 and started dreaming about booking one. But later that week while doing the comparisons, I found it was just an infatuation and I was now gravitating towards the CBR250r from the stables of Honda. I was in a dilemma, being dragged between a Cruiser and a performance machine. I was ok with both, but was strongly leaning towards the Baby Ceeber. Finally as I always do, I let the gonna be pillion rider (yeah u guessed it rite) decide which one to get. She chose the Baby Ceeber (she must have ready my mind, or could have been obvious from the way I was drooling at the Ceeber’s catalogue).

I got in touch with my cousin to check where he test rode a Ceeber few months ago and to my convenience it was his friend’s ride and the guy had hardly used the bike. I went to check it out and didn’t find much wear on the bike except for some odd scratches on the muffler’s heat shield and few rusty nuts. 15mins after I did the test ride, I walked out with a deal not that bitter for a Ceeber which had just 350kms on its Odo. Then started my hunt to secure a loan to get the Ceeber home.

Arte comes home

Three weeks later I wrote out the cheque and brought the Ceeber home. I had then realized just another dream, this time a pretty hefty one on my wallet. I named her ‘Arte’, after the most widely venerated Greek Goddess Artemis. None around me had spoken any negatives till I brought her home, but heard there were taunting about the price I paid (behind my back ofcourse, like I care, duh!!) I loved the ride and the price I paid looked fair to me, nevertheless its a Biker thing, not for the laymen.

The Transition

I found out that parting with my first ride would be as painful as my first break-up. I was beyond tears the night I sold her  off. strange??

 Arte turned out to be a sweet ride. Whenever I slot her back to neutral and let the engine idle, the purring gets me smiling no matter what. Running in the engine is the toughest thing one has to do when it is to be done on a machine like Arte. U are tempted to open the throttle but nope, gotta keep it under control. I kept upping the rev limit as she crossed the mileage boundaries gradually. Couldn’t get the run-in complete pretty soon owing to the stupid work+exam schedules last month. And yeah, she completes her run-in schedule today and awaits blazing the highways to Kodai this month end (now thats another week’s wait, sigh!!)

Only Bikers understand why dogs love to stick their heads out car windows.


Funny that the title could be, yes, people usually tend to make resolutions every new-year’s eve, but for a difference I took some right from the month of December..

Well, I’m quite glad to be back here on the blog making a new post, and let me pick it up from where I left in my previous post(quite long ago).

I had enough breakups and mind-numbing sessions with the same girl over and over again, and when I came to a point few months ago where I decided to let go off everything so I could carry forward the life which I had left behind in all this melee, the most dramatic thing happened. Yeah, you guessed it right. She came back right into my life and this time with full vigor. And yeah, we had missed each other dearly.. still we do, when we are away..

From that day I realized and implemented the philosophy of  living one day at a time or rather “Carpe Diem”. When I actually started living that way, it was more meaningful and made me to expect less out of everything. So I was not that disappointed at things happening around me, unlike before. That improved my relationship and I improvised on many things. And by the end of November I had forgotten totally about my studies and when it dawned up on me that I had missed the 1st review session of my non-existent project for the final semester, she made me promise that I would clear out all my backlog papers and get my Masters degree on time. Another worrying thing for my woman was that I had to loose those flabby portions and trim down. So there, I had to resolve couple of things by December, just to keep the ultimate resolution of my relationship alive, i.e to keep my woman ‘happy’.

Although I have started on my resolution to bring down my body weight and to loose those flabby regions, I’m yet to start on my semester papers. Talk of the devil and it appears out of nowhere; they just announced the last date to register and pay-up the exam fee.. *sigh*

So what do I do to loose the flab? I brought home an elliptical cross trainer and had been sweating on it ever since it had been home. I would do anything to keep my woman happy.

Did 2011 go by so swiftly or did I get stuck in some time-sense altering machine?? what ever it could be, but 2011 had been quite an eventful year for me and I’m eager to see what 2012 has in store..

Hoping to post here more often atleast in 2012..


The art of love… is largely the art of persistence.  ~Albert Ellis

One year of revamp…

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Blog, Life

I’m too late for the anniversary update. But yeah, I haven’t had much of a free time these days without getting the mind pregnant with a single thought. If you had read through this blog, I started this as a journal to keep track of my attempt to revamp my lonely, monotonous life I once lived. With only few posts coming in from me, this blog for sometime turned out to be a photo-blog. Later when I had to kill the 365 project, this blog had very few updates. When I began this blog, my relationship status was definitely single. But after a year’s time, I have no word to describe what relationship status I possess. It’s somewhere between Separated and Single. Apart from the relationship thing, everything else is as same as the last time I updated this blog..

I’m sure few of you who had been atleast following around this blog would be curious about what had happened. I dunno if I’m back to writing posts here, but sure enough that I have had the greatest revamp of my life. I cared about someone so much that I didn’t know for myself that I was falling for her, and a lovely evening turned whatever feelings we had for each other into that wonderful thing called love, or to put it correctly, we realised we were in love only after that evening. There on we had a rollercoaster ride of a wonderful relationship for almost a span of 2 months.  All these time she showed me what life could be. We shared the moments of extreme ecstasies while we shared the extreme pains too. I have no idea how many times I had minor heartbreaks. Every such heartbreak would be compensated with beautiful moments of togetherness. Hugs and kisses flowed like there was no end to them. Until one fine day she decided this wouldn’t work well as she was torn between her thoughts and confusions. She requested to be left alone. I was in no situation to let go off her ‘cos the intensity with which I loved her had no limits. That was the first ever major heartbreak I had. I was reluctant to leave her. While she looked troubled and started to show signs of frustration and ignorance. We had a little time away from each other. Then to settle it off and make things clearer we decided to talk. The way she sounded and the things she told me made me feel inspired, but still no inspirational talk can sooth the broken heart. Dunno exactly what came over, but the week that followed that talk, we slowly started to fall back into our romantic selves and it was another blissful week. Even though I had asked her for a second chance, I didn’t realise that she was giving it to me, and one fine day I messed it up again. This time everything to be blamed is on me, my attitude, my quick-tempered manners etc etc.. Second time I didn’t feel the pain of heartbreak like the first, may be my mind has become numb to that feeling, or she has made me numb with the way she has inspired me.

I have decided to give ourselves sometime, during which I’m to perfect my quick-temper and attitude. I can’t hurt her more than she is, I value her more than anything I have and I wish someday she could realise that. So that’s what the chaos of my life was and I’m stepping out of it. The decision to revamp my lonely life took me to the edge of the precipice of happiness and here I’m taking a plunge back to the darkness hoping that the reason for which I was up there would save me, else I’m back to square one and I can pretty well look forward to another year of revamping, but not as same as before, this time around it would be more fiery and furious for she has charged me up enough to make me stronger to look at things in a view different than before…

Even if it isn’t her, I have her memories to live with, for everything I see or hear or taste has a memory of her etched to it..


If you are reading this..

You inspire me honey.. If only, you could be there always with me to inspire my life till the end, as a better half…. I love you..

Rants – 03/11

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Blog, Life

I know, its been a while since I wrote something here, and following lines may sound like my silly excuses for not posting. When there is a change phase, we take some time to settle down. This Jan was a shifting phase for me. Yeah, I had to shift my abode, and with that shifting came the problem of internet connectivity. I wasn’t online for most of  Jan except for the time being at office.  It was a boring month though. When I found a solution for the internet connectivity by the month of Feb, it was the month of exams. Eventhough I planned ahead for the preparations (as usual), I didn’t learn a single paper unless it was the night before the exams. To make the matters worse I was put in night shifts during the exams. This obviously resulted in me being awake for almost 42hrs at a stretch. And yeah, of the 10 exams I was expected to appear in, I wrote only 8 and I expect to pass in atleast 5 of them (my modest wish).

By the time exams came to an end, Feb too came to an end. No wonder as the saying goes, “time flies by”, this blog is gonna be 1yr old in a month’s time. And that would mean 1yr of efforts I made to change the monotonous life style. If I glance back at the past 11 months, the graph would be so errant at times and then would stabilize at certain points, just to start deviating again.

What is there in living a life without changes??

And this month I am going to end my long break from Bike touring and also need to put my new acquisition of the 70-300mm lens to some good use.

And to end the post, I am again feeling so lost at times, especially at work. Yet to figure out why!!

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction” – Churchill


Few Macro test shots!!

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Photography

Its been long since I posted something over here. For those of you who doesn’t know yet, I have added a Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro to my lens arsenal. I haven’t tried any telephoto shots on it yet, but below are couple of macros.

Macro test shot with Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro.

Macro test shot with Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro.

Another Beginning

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Blog, Life

Couple of weeks ago, I was on my way back to my room. Couldn’t help but look back at the building where I work and stare at the huge logo etched on top of the building, same logo which is getting etched into me. It all felt like a dream, never expected I would land in this place so soon. Now I think, I have got a long way to go here too. Moving into a new job has been much easier than I thought earlier. I always have this weird gut feeling of missing out on something whenever I am about to leave a place, let it be my school, college or the previous company. I know, this post was supposed to come online a month ago. Switching over to a big corporate always leaves you with a feeling of being lost in an ocean, but I never felt that except for the two times when I reported here for my interviews, neither did I get the feeling of being at ease. Having done with quite a few training sessions and getting along with few colleagues from the same batch, I’m still figuring out my way around in here.

Except for a few friends, I didn’t meet with anyone for more than a month. Not only friends, I am missing out on Frisbee, photography, touring among other interests which might as well include books. Now I really understand what it is to get busy with work schedules, and I do realize this is just the tip of the iceberg. Amongst these, I feel so good about starting out my life early, and always have this feeling that I still have time to figure out certain things. I know this post might be a drag, but this is how I feel right now. With Creedence Clearwater Revival blaring out through my new headphones, I am revisiting my music collection. Yes, I had been missing out on listening to my favourite bands too. Doesn’t it make one sick when realizing he had been missing out on too many things he liked, but yet concentrating on just one thing? May be I gotta figure out a meaning for that too..

Another beginning…

“He who chooses the beginning of a road chooses the place it leads to. It is the means that determine the end.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick


Posted: November 16, 2010 in Photography

Couldn’t resist taking this picture today morning, just a while before another heavy rain which lashed across the city!!


 from last night's rain,..