It all started one fine day in January when I woke up and went online. I thought I fell in love with the Desert Storm variant of the Royal Enfield Classic-500 and started dreaming about booking one. But later that week while doing the comparisons, I found it was just an infatuation and I was now gravitating towards the CBR250r from the stables of Honda. I was in a dilemma, being dragged between a Cruiser and a performance machine. I was ok with both, but was strongly leaning towards the Baby Ceeber. Finally as I always do, I let the gonna be pillion rider (yeah u guessed it rite) decide which one to get. She chose the Baby Ceeber (she must have ready my mind, or could have been obvious from the way I was drooling at the Ceeber’s catalogue).

I got in touch with my cousin to check where he test rode a Ceeber few months ago and to my convenience it was his friend’s ride and the guy had hardly used the bike. I went to check it out and didn’t find much wear on the bike except for some odd scratches on the muffler’s heat shield and few rusty nuts. 15mins after I did the test ride, I walked out with a deal not that bitter for a Ceeber which had just 350kms on its Odo. Then started my hunt to secure a loan to get the Ceeber home.

Arte comes home

Three weeks later I wrote out the cheque and brought the Ceeber home. I had then realized just another dream, this time a pretty hefty one on my wallet. I named her ‘Arte’, after the most widely venerated Greek Goddess Artemis. None around me had spoken any negatives till I brought her home, but heard there were taunting about the price I paid (behind my back ofcourse, like I care, duh!!) I loved the ride and the price I paid looked fair to me, nevertheless its a Biker thing, not for the laymen.

The Transition

I found out that parting with my first ride would be as painful as my first break-up. I was beyond tears the night I sold her  off. strange??

 Arte turned out to be a sweet ride. Whenever I slot her back to neutral and let the engine idle, the purring gets me smiling no matter what. Running in the engine is the toughest thing one has to do when it is to be done on a machine like Arte. U are tempted to open the throttle but nope, gotta keep it under control. I kept upping the rev limit as she crossed the mileage boundaries gradually. Couldn’t get the run-in complete pretty soon owing to the stupid work+exam schedules last month. And yeah, she completes her run-in schedule today and awaits blazing the highways to Kodai this month end (now thats another week’s wait, sigh!!)

Only Bikers understand why dogs love to stick their heads out car windows.